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About Lutheran Intentional Village - Upper Pinellas 

LIV-UP Stands for Lutheran Intentional Village -  Upper Pinellas County. We are a group of people who belong to several Lutheran churches in the Upper Pinellas area, and we are interested in assisting older adults by providing a helping hands ministry to navigate the challenges of aging in their own homes. 

Why a Lutheran-Centered Village?

Lutherans have a tradition of service that supports the needs of older adults. In the past, this service has included developing housing arrangements such as retirement apartments. Today, institutional senior housing is on the decline as many older adults either can't afford such facilities or they prefer to stay in their homes. 

Churches often have facilities that can accommodate social activities, and their members are a potential source of volunteers. Additionally, there are existing ministries and opportunities for spiritual growth and pastoral care with these churches. 

Why a "Village"? 

Many of us would prefer to live in our own homes as we age. But some tasks, like housework and driving, become more challenging with time. Often, older adults need more help but are reluctant to ask their busy children or their neighbors. 

There is also the tendency to become isolated when living on their own and they may participate in fewer social activities. 
A Village can provide an array of services at an affordable cost through the help of members and volunteers. This support can enable older adults to continue to live at home and stay engaged in the life of their community. 

What are some typical services? 

Volunteers provide "helping hands" assistance in a variety of ways, as neighbors do to help each other. Some assistance may be transportation to doctor appointments, climbing on ladders to change a light bulb, doing yard work, driving at night, light cleaning, simple home repairs, and computer assistance. 

Who Sponsors LIV-UP? 

LIV-UP is a part of ALOA (Adult Lutherans Organized for Action), a national movement committed to equipping persons in the second half of life as disciples of Jesus Christ for service to family, church, community, and the world. You can find out more about ALOA at their Facebook page: or their website ALOA is a 501(c)(3) charity. 

 Do I have to be a Lutheran to be a member? 

Anyone who is over 55 and who needs our services may be able to qualify to become a member. There are other qualifications, depending on health and mobility. If you are interested in finding out more about membership, send us an email at or call us at 727- 378-2186.