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How to become a LIV-UP Volunteer

If you want to join us as a volunteer ...

Thanks for your interest in becoming a LIV-UP volunteer! 

Begin by emailing us at including your name, email, and phone number, or call 727-537-6176 to leave a message. You can also download thVolunteer Applicatione VOLUNTEER APPLICATION, print it, and mail it to us at Lutheran Intentional Village,
PO Box 4367, Clearwater FL 33758. You can also scan the application and send it as a file to

When we receive your request to become a volunteer, we'll schedule a brief phone call to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your interests and explain the process.


Before you can become a volunteer, you will need to complete and successfully pass a background check. If you wish to drive, you will also need to pass a motor vehicle check that is part of the background check. The background check/motor vehicle check are done online. The cost varies depending on the complexity of your application,. If you pay all or part of the cost, it helps us keep our costs to members lower.


After you pass the background check, you will join a group for volunteer orientation. After the orientation, you can begin to take member requests for services. Usually we require new volunteers to work in tandem with an experienced volunteer for a few weeks. 

If you have questions about volunteering, or you want to get started with an interview with our Volunteer Coordinator, leave a message at 727-378-2186 We'll get back to you quickly.


Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I have to be a Lutheran or associated with one of the Lutheran churches you named to be a volunteer? Initially LIV-UP is recruiting members from the churches mentioned above, but anyone who lives in the general service area and who has a heart to serve is welcome as a volunteer.    


May I bring a friend (spouse, child, brother, sister) or pet with me when I volunteer?

Please do not bring anyone with you when you are volunteering; your focus should be on the services you are providing to the member.


What if I accepted a volunteer assignment, but at the last minute, I can’t get there?

Things happen, but it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible to let us know you can’t make it. Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 727-378-2186; if necessary, leave a message with your name, phone number, name of the member you were supposed to help, and the time. We will let the member know you’ve been detained and we will reschedule the visit.


What if a member asks me to perform a task I don’t know how to do or don’t feel comfortable doing?

The member submits a service request for a specific task or activity with which they need help. LIV-UP then locates a volunteer who has the ability and agrees to complete that task. Occasionally it happens that the member asks the volunteer to do something else. Please let the member know that you are not permitted to perform services that were not part of their request to LIV-UP.  All requests for services must come through the LIV-UP office.


What if a member requests my contact information in case they need to do a last minute re-schedule ?

We ask that you do not give the Member your phone number. It is better for them to reach you through LIV-UP. Keep in mind that a member may not contact you directly to request a service or any type of assistance as an LIV-UP volunteer. They are instructed to contact LIV-UP directly to arrange services.


What if a member asks me for a ride to the store or elsewhere during the visit?

Ask the Member to call LIV-UP directly for help with transportation.


What if I can’t locate the member’s house or feel uncomfortable in the neighborhood?

If you need directions to the member’s home, please ask the LIV-UP Volunteer Coordinator to provide directions when you accept the assignment. If you get lost, call the Volunteer Coordinator at 727-378-2186. All LIV-UP members are visited in their homes by a LIV-UP Ambassador at the time they enroll. If there are any issues of concern in the neighborhood or the home, you will be told about them in advance. This would be a very rare occurrence.


What if a member tries to give me a tip, money or a gift? LIV-UP Volunteers are never permitted to accept money or gifts from members. Even though the member may offer something as a sign of their appreciation, kindly thank the member and explain that you are not permitted to accept gifts or money from a member. You may accept a snack or drink of water, if it is offered.

What if I knock on the member’s door and ring the doorbell, but no one answers?

Many older adults have difficulty with mobility or limited hearing and vision. It might just take a while for them to answer the door, so be patient. Do not repeatedly ring the doorbell or bang on the door (unless you have been instructed to do so). If, after several minutes and attempts no one comes, do the following. 1) Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 727-378-2186 and let them know. 2) Leave a note on the front door or someplace where the member will see it. State your name, the time, and that you were sent by LIV-UP to do a service for them. LIV-UP Staff will then follow up with the member until we reach them and are sure they are all right.


What if I am supposed to do a household chore for a Member (change a vacuum cleaner belt or install a fluorescent light) but the Member doesn’t have the part or  item?

Do not accept cash from the Member to purchase the part or item. You can (1) ask the Member to purchase the item him or herself and let LIV-UP know, so that we can reschedule the visit. Or, (2) for an item under $10 in value, you may, if you wish, purchase the item and request reimbursement from LIV-UP. You must keep the original receipt and complete the Reimbursement Form provided by the Volunteer Coordinator. You will be reimbursed directly and the member will be charged in their next membership payment.


What if I see, hear or smell something that seems unsafe?

While it’s rare, you could observe something in the home that causes you concern. For example: has a burner on the stove been left on? Are scatter rugs or electrical cords loose and in the walkway where they could be a trip hazard? Is it very warm or very cold in the home? Does the home have a bad smell? Does the member seem particularly upset, worried or depressed? You can ask the member about the situation, e.g., “Is your air conditioner broken?” or “Would you mind if I moved these loose cords?” Comply with the member’s wishes, but let LIV-UP know your concerns about the situation. Every home has had an Ambassador visit, but it is true that daily life can change rather quickly.


What are LIV-UP members like? What can I expect?

Many of our members are widows/widowers or live alone. Take time to introduce yourself, wear your LIV-UP name badge, and make friendly conversation. Make eye contact and show an interest in them, without prying too much. You might be surprised at how appreciative the member is for your help. You will, almost always, find that you have something in common. Often, interacting with the Volunteer is as important or more important to the Member than the job or task to be done.


Ready to volunteer?

Download the Volunteer Application PDF

and call us at 727-378-2186 or send the application as a file to